The raise^ private student loan program is currently not taking
applications. If you have recently submitted a loan application and
would like to check your status, please click hereto access your
account. If you completed a partial application, but did not submit
it, the application is no longer eligible for submission.

A private student loan built for the student. FINALLY.

Custom private student loans with the options1 you need.

Funded by Cognition Lending


Choose when you pay and how
long you pay.

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Raising the Bar

You chose your school.
Now choose your loan.

We are about giving you the tools you need for personal growth. Cognition Lending has access to a wealth of data that helps us make private student loans more accessible to you so you can achieve your potential. We know education is an investment in yourself, and the raise^ private student loan program is here to make sure nothing stands in your way.

Our Step-By-Step Process

Fill out your application in as little as 10 minutes. That's it. And since it's electronic, your i's are already dotted and your t's already crossed. Complete your application and submit it for a credit decision.
Now's your chance to play with our options. See how different terms and repayment options1 may affect your monthly payments and overall cost so you can select the options that fit your situation.

Our easy to use comparison tool will help you understand what it all means.
Once you've picked your options1, we may ask you to verify some of the information from your application. You'll then receive, review, and accept the terms of your loan—you can even do it all online.
We'll check with your school's financial aid office and make sure you're getting the amount you need.
This is the easy part: now you can book your loan. Once you do, you'll have a 3-day period to cancel. After that, the funds are sent directly to your school.

Choose between making full or interest-only payments while you're in school.1

Who Can Apply?

Anyone can apply—go-getters, underdogs, studiers, dreamers, conquerors, readers, rock climbers, writers, revelers, dog-owners, and just all around fun-time-seeking people—as long as you're:

  1. A US citizen or permanent resident who, if you're the student, is a permanent resident of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington or West Virginia, or, if you're the cosigner, not a permanent resident of Wisconsin.
  2. Attending an eligible college or university at least half-time (a list of eligible schools can be found in the first section of the application).
  3. Earning income (or have a cosigner that does).
  4. Able to enter into a contract at the time of application.4
  5. Able to meet the credit and other guidelines in place at the time of your application.

Cosigners Welcome